Mudras are hand gestures. The meaning of mudra (gesture) in Sanskrit is ‘that which gives ultimate joy’.

Role of Mudras in kathak

Mudras have been an integral part of Indian heritage and culture since the Vedic period.

They are used for several reasons: to express emotion, to display certain imagery, to convey a symbolic meaning.

The palm of the hand is a centre of expression. The wrist is the pivot for hand movement in any direction.

There are two main categories of mudras: Asamyukta and Samyukta. 


Asamyukta mudras are single handed gestures. They are made by only using one hand. There are 28 types of mudras.

Samyukta mudras

Samyukta mudras are double handed gestures. They are made using both hands. There are 23 types.

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