It’s never too late or early to start. Go through our quick 2 minute videos to learn the 3 main components of kathak.


Kathak emphasises rhythmical foot movements characterised by a distinct clapping sound, amplified through the sounds made by ringing ghungroos. 

Laya: Peforming footwork in Ekgun


Hastak is sanskrit for ‘hand movements’. Dancers must exhibit delicacy and grace, while executing the various movements. The most important rule is ‘Where the hand goes, the eyes go’. 


Chakkars are the most distinctive feature of kathak. There are several types of spins which are classified depending on the number of steps it takes to finish one turn.

Performing the 5 Step Chakkar


Todas are small dance compositions combining footwork, hastak and chakkars. Basic todas can be classified based on the types of   chakkars used. Learn how to perform the five step series.

Performing the 5 Step Chakkar