Make Up & Accessories

Make Up & Accessories

Eyes & Eyebrows

Eyebrows should be raised, and given shape using an eyebrow pencil. Eyes must be outlined with Kajal. Eyeshadow should match the colour of the outfit. From the eyes to the temples, a line should be drawn in a manner suiting the dancer.

Hands, Feet

Hands and Feet should be painted with Alta. Mehendi is also sometimes worn. 


Hairstyle should fit the role. Typically hair is braided, with extensions (paranoid), if required and flowers (gajra), or tied into a bun


A bindi, or ornament should be attached at the forehead, and fixed with the dupatta. Earrings, bangles, amulet, waist band, anklets are worn, along with any other jewellery the dancer may choose to wear.